• The fashionable trends of today are spawning a generation of confident young women; due to the ever-growing popularity of clubwear lingerie
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Boost Your Confidence With Clubwear Lingerie

The fashionable trends of today are spawning a generation of confident young women; due to the ever-growing popularity of clubwear lingerie. Women are wearing corsets, Basques and bustiers when going out clubbing; even daytrips, to the local, shopping trips, anywhere they want to look good and leave a lasting impression. Women by wearing today's clubwear lingerie would have once been classed as yesterdays Scarletts and illicit women; the times are always changing.

If you are looking to follow this latest trend, remember comfort is the key to confidence. The more comfortable you feel, the easier you will find it to be yourself; hence the more confident you will feel. Be wise when buying your clubwear lingerie, make sure you buy a perfect fit, you don't want to 'pop out' in public. That would be highly embarrassing! These items are designed to flatter the woman's body and emphasize your curves. Thus increasing your sex appeal and ultimately increasing your confidence.

There is a vast array of styles to choose from, something to suit most personalities. From the most promiscuous women to the more timid and shy. Build your confidence with style, whether you like to admit it or not we women love to be looked at with desire. This does wonders to self-esteem, it makes women feel sexy; again ultimately boosting your confidence. The textures vary just as much as the style, from lace and silk to leather and PVC.

Go on boost your confidence today with fitted clubwear lingerie to enhance your womanly curves.

Bridal Lingerie on Your Wedding Night

Is your wedding night coming up soon? Do you want something extra sexy and romantic to wear on what could be one of the most special and memorable nights of your life? Your wedding night can be one of the most intimate times you will spend with your new partner for life and today’s sexy bridal lingerie is some of the most beautiful and sensual apparel for newlyweds to share on their first night together.

Of all of the complaints that men and women have about buying lingerie, the embarrassment of having to go into a store and buy sexy undergarments that would otherwise be kept private is the number one complaint. By using an online lingerie store you can buy those camisoles, bustiers, robes, corsets, sexy bras and baby doll outfits in the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night.

Online shopping for lingerie is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. Not only does it eliminate the embarrassment of in person shopping, it is also extremely convenient. Additionally, with today’s quick delivery options and discreet packaging, it is no wonder more and more people are buying their lingerie online.

All brides have their own tastes and preferences on their wedding night. One of the most popular requests is a sexy bridal lingerie costume, which includes a teddiette, veil, gloves and bouquet. Another favorite is the classic tapestry satin flower jacquard bustier with lightly padded under wire cups, hook and eye front, boning and a waist cinching lace up back. The garters are adjustable and removable and a matching thong is included. Don’t forget to order the classic Sheer Nylon Stretch Stockings that invigorate and beautify the legs and mesh perfectly with the garter.

Remember, your wedding night only happens once in your lifetime. Be sure to make it the most sensual, intimate and memorable night of your life.

Fashion sunglasses

Sunglasses are shades for the eyes that offer protection, better vision, comfort, or just a chic look. Today, sunglasses are available in all perceivable colors, with hundreds of rim and
frame styles and protective enhancements.

The most popular classic style of sunglasses is the aviator. They have oval pear-shaped lenses that narrow towards the bridge of the nose. Early movies have stars flaunting their aviators with style. This style is still largely popular; despite the entry of polarized lenses, sports eyewear, wraparounds and clip-ons.

Polarized sunglasses provide protection from severe solar glares from water and snow surfaces, beaches, and roads. Sportspeople wear a different type of polarized sunglasses that are mirrored on the outside that reflect light of different colors.

Whatever type of glasses one might be wearing can be changed into something radically different by attaching a pair of clip-ons. Clip-on sunglasses are a pair of lens available in a wide variety of colors and features that may be affixed onto an existing pair of glasses or even a hat.

Sunglasses are a must-have on beaches, picnics, or just when walking down the street on a sunny day. They have become as important as any other part of clothing.

Sunglasses are not just a visual aid; they are also an important part of clothing. They affect the overall look of the person. No wonder that buying a pair of sunglasses is as much a decision-making process as buying any other fashion accessory.

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for You

With the thousands of fragrances in the market, it can sometimes be tricky to choose the one that is perfect for your taste, personality, the occasion, and other factors. Check out the following basic tips that you may find useful when choosing and even wearing the perfect perfume for you.

1. Determine your budget.

Perfumes are priced in a very big range, from very inexpensive colognes to luxurious designer brands. Determining your budget or the money you are prepared to spend beforehand will help narrow down the choices and will save you a lot of time.

2. Know what particular smell you want and go for it.

Decide on what type of fragrance you want based on what use the perfume would be to you. For instance, is it for special occasions? Is it to please or seduce a lover? Is it for everyday wash and wear? If you plan to please someone, make sure to research on the particular fragrances he or she likes.

3. Examine carefully before buying.

When you’ve finally narrowed down your choices and you’re ready to go to a perfume shop, don’t forget to carefully examine each perfume you fancy before getting ahead of yourself and purchasing. Take note that your nose can only handle so much and testing 20 perfumes consecutively will prove to be futile. Before you start spraying a perfume on your wrist, spray it first on a card or paper and decide if you like it.

About Bra Sizes

A bra remains next to your skin the entire day. If you are not wearing the correct size, imagine the discomfort you'll experience throughout the whole day. It is important to note that your bra size does not remain the same for any great length of time because change is a law of nature and your breasts are no exception. The only difference is that change is more noticeable at some times and less at others. The change becomes most evident in cases of weight loss, weight gain or during pregnancy.

Even though a bra remains the most intimate item of a woman’s wardrobe, research has shown that about 75% of women do not get their bra size right. This results in problems such as sagging breasts, pain in the shoulders, or tightness in the chest. Therefore, it is important to get the size correct in order to avoid problems and feel elegant, feminine and confident.

It is not very difficult to determine your bra size. First of all, take a measuring tape and measure around the chest, directly under the breasts. If you get an even size number, then add four inches or else add five inches to get your chest size. For example if you measure 30 inches, then you need to add another four inches, which will make your size equal to 34 inches. If you measure an odd number such as 29, then you need to add 5 inches and your size will work out to 34 inches. Most bras come in standard sizes, but you will find that bras marked the same size but manufactured by different companies will give different results. So, you may have to try out several sizes and check for the ideal fit and the maximum comfort.

What makes acne worse?

Acne may affect some of us more emotionally and deeply than what is apparent on the skin surface. Our faces define us as individuals and are the presenting feature with which we interact with those around us. By affecting the face, acne can directly affect self-image by making us look and feel unattractive — which leads to embarrassment, lack of self-confidence and lowered self esteem.

1- Hormones: It is now well established that androgenic hormones leading to pore blockage and increased oil production in acne. Pore blockage leads to buildup of oil within the pore (blackheads and whiteheads). As the oil becomes blocked in the pore, bacteria start to grow, leading to inflamed red bumps or “zits” (papules, pustules). Some of these large sacs of oil may rupture, causing large red lumps (nodules).

2- Scrubbing: If you scrub with an abrasive soap or pick at your skin or rub it too much, the walls of the pores may break and cause more pimples. Squeezing or popping blackheads and whiteheads usually causes more problems, including scars. Too much washing (more than 2 or 3 times a day) can make your skin dry and cause the oil glands to work harder.

3- Certain foods: Foods like chocolate, sweets, colas, and fried foods do not make acne worse. But if a certain food does seem to make acne worse, try eliminating it for a few weeks and see if that helps. New studies suggest that milk products may worsen acne in some patients.

4- Certain make up / hair care products: Some types of makeup may block pores; a water-based, oil-free makeup is best. Moisturizers containing oil may also make acne worse. Avoid oil-based moisturizers and cocoa butter. Also, do not use any greasy makeup removers. Similarly, hair length and grooming products such as conditioners, gels and hairspray may contribute to acne by blocking pores. Damp hair can also contribute to acne if allowed to come into contact with the neck, back, and shoulders for long periods of times.

5- Psychological / mental stress: Psychological factors (stress, negative emotions) can influence the generation and aggravation of skin disorders, which can result in some skin diseases especially acne. In addition, environmental toxicity can also aggravate acne.

Roduve Healthcare Soltuions

Considering the aggravating role of the above mentioned factors in acne, acne prevention may be achieved by avoiding these aggravating factors which can block pores, especially some thick moisturizer creams, retained sweat or moisture under hats, pads, helmets and damp clothing.
All in all, there is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority, and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne. You should, therefore, not only try your best to treat it but also to prevent it in the first place. Clear Skin Max anti-acne & anti-aging system can be one of your best dual-edge weapons to fights against acne in a natural and safe way.

5 key functions of your skin…


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it plays a vital role in maintaining your health and wellness. It’s wonderfully resilient and can survive a great deal of punishment. The skin is the body’s boundary layer, tough enough to resist all sorts of environmental assaults, yet sensitive enough to feel the slightest touch. The skin creates the first line of defense against possible invasion of bacteria and germs, while maintaining the body’s internal environment within a few degrees of normal throughout our lifetime. It also gives you ability to “sense” things. Following are the top 5 tasks or functions that your skin performs for your body and health:

1- Protection: Your skin is a unique and remarkable organ that is the outer covering of the body. Hence, your skin tries to protect you from germs that can make you sick. It also provides protection of deeper tissue from chemicals, bacteria, bumps, and drying.

2- Absorption & elimination: As the largest digestive organ of the body, the skin provides the functions of both absorption and elimination. This process can work for or against us, depending on the products we apply to the skin. Just like eating “junk food,” junk skin care products can produce negative effects. Conversely, eating a healthy organic diet and using healthy, organic skin care products as “skin food” will increase the health, beauty, and vibrancy of our skin.

Roduve Healthcare Soltuions

3- Sensation: Our skin tells us how things feel when we touch them. For example, our skin can tell us when we are touching something dangerous (something really hot or sharp). One square inch of skin contains millions of cells as well as many specialized nerve endings for sensing heat, cold, and pain.

4- Regulation: Your skin also serves as a heat regulator; sweating when you are hot allows the water to evaporate and cool the skin. When your body is chilled, the vessels become narrowed and decrease the flow of blood through the skin to reduce heat loss.

5- Production: Your skin makes Vitamin D in response to sun exposure. Vitamin D is a crucial part of the way your body handles the essential nutrients calcium and phosphorus in your diet. As a result, it is critical to the development and maintenance of bone strength. The amount of vitamin D produced from sun exposure varies based on skin type, use of skin protection, length of sun exposure, season of the year, and time of day.

All in all, remember your skin is one of the key organs of your body that works hard for you day and night. You should, therefore, work hard to protect your skin by giving it best care and preventing it from various issues and problems such as acne.